Studio Time… yeah!

It’s been a while since we updated this site.

After getting to Battle of the Bands, we had an extended break and then Jay left us to concentrate on his own projects and family life. We were without a second guitarist for only a week when James contacted us about our advertised vacant position.

James fitted like a glove and is now a permanent fixture, we love his energy and creativity and what he has to offer. We’ve now got three songs ready to be put down permanently and released as singles.

Our three songs are called Slow Burn, You Won’t Win and Post Truth.

Slow Burn is a funky, dreamy song about longing and pleasure. It starts all spacey and arrives at a loose reggae style beat building more and more energy as it progresses, it ends with a massive amount of energy.

You Won’t Win is a dark song about being played by a narcissistic person. It’s about setting boundaries and how it hurts when people don’t believe you. There’s a massive guitar solo in the middle which Sam has developed into an amazing hook of the song – another song where we crash out at the end with amazing energy.

Our latest song in development is called Post Truth. It’s a homage to conspiracy theorists and post truthers, it has a loose lyrical style with a very catchy chorus. We’re looking forward to seeing where this might lead us. We’re releasing our EP on 19th August at The Next Big Thing event. Tickets are on sale at Under the Radar…